Amazing Ideas To Get Children To Listen To Their Elders And Most Importantly Parents

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Are you tired of telling your kid to do something? They don’t listen to you? Are you worried that your children are too stubborn and may stay that way? 

Well, here are some tips coming from a mom off our extremely stubborn children! 

Set the rules 

The most vital thing that you need to keep in mind is that, you need them to know who the boss is! They should not be the ones to rule you. You should be able to tell them what to do. You need to be the one to set the rules and not the kids. For this you need to show them that you are in charge. You should explain to them clearly the rules and regulations that you have set and intend to follow. And that everyone in the household needs to be following the rules. The kids should see you as a figure of authority for them to listen to you! 

Rewards or punishments 

Next, you need to reward the kids who follow the rules without hassle. And for this you can a chart system in place. Where you give stars for the good acts on behalf of the kid and when he reaches a certain number of stars the kid will be given a reward. So, this will make them want to follow the rules to the dot! And you can also have punishments like in an international school in Bangkok where they are not too harsh but successfully get the children to change. You can give them punishments like depriving them of TV time for a day. Or you could even not give them a treat of ice cream. Although it may feel heart breaking to give it to the siblings and not the child who didn’t obey the rules. If you do it once, the next time all of them will obey the rules. 

Give them some space 

You should not forget to give the kids their own space. They should be able to also do what they like. For instance, you need to definitely have a space in your house dedicated especially for the kids to play. Because you cannot be scolding the kid for putting the toys all over when you have not given them a proper place to play. Always remember that kids need their own space. For instance, although it is a good idea to send them to prep school you shouldn’t make them spend their entire time with the books. This makes them rebellious. Give them their free time! You can view more information here

Get help 

Finally, you need to remember that no parent is perfect. If you feel that you are unable to manage your kids alone you can get a nanny to help you out. Or you could even get a maid to all-around the housework. If you feel that you need some coaching on bring up kids then it is best you go to a kids therapist who will be able to help you out. You need to seek the help you feel you need to get your kids to listen to you. There is definitely no shame in it!